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Pupil Premium

The Government currently allocates an additional ‘Pupil Premium Grant’ to schools as a way of ensuring funding reaches the children who need it most. The grant is to support these children so they achieve their best. It is also to motivate them to attend and participate, provide a curriculum that is closely tailored to their needs, and to enable them to fully take part in school activities/events and, if appropriate, resource initiatives to improve their progress and attainment.

The grant is allocated to:

 Children known to be eligible for (but not necessarily take) free school meals

 Looked-after children

 Service children

Pupil Premium Allocation 2014-2015: £9380

Pupil Premium Allocation 2015-2016: £4260

Pupil Premium Allocation 2016-2017: £4260

Pupil Premium Allocation 2017-2018: £9380

Pupil Premium Allocation 2018-2019: £7580


Detailed costed information is available on request but is not published if the group is less than six pupils, which this is.

It is for each school to determine how to spend these additional funds. Our funding will be prioritised & used as follows:

 Free School Meal children who are, or are in danger of, under-achieving

 Looked-after children who are, or are at risk of, under-achieving

 Other vulnerable groups of children

 Other underachieving, or danger of under-achieving, children

The Pupil Premium Grant will be aimed at accelerating progress so children achieve at least age related expectations. Initially this would be in Speaking & Listening, Reading, Writing & Spelling and Maths.

We will use Pupil Premium Grant to fund activities such as:

 Providing small group work with an experienced Teacher or suitably trained Teaching Assistant focussed on overcoming gaps in learning

 One to One tuition with a Teacher or Teaching Assistant

 Additional learning opportunities provided through trained Teaching Assistants or external agencies

 Wrap around care to allow homework to be supported

If appropriate, Pupil Premium Grant will be used to fund an out of school hour’s activities and educational visits. It will also be used to provide school uniform.

The Governing Body will ensure that there is an annual statement to parents on how the Pupil Premium Grant has been used each year. This task will be carried out within the requirements published by the Department for Education.

To measure the impact of this grant we continually track the attainment and progress of these pupils through half termly pupil progress meetings. We measure their success against national measures at the end of each academic year and continually review any additional educational or pastoral support they may receive.


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