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Mr Andrew Best

Himbleton Church of England First School


An introduction from Mrs Ann Green, Chair of Governors:

 Being a Governor is a very special job, carrying with it great responsibility but it  brings to those who take it on enormous interest and pleasure and a sense of belonging to something vital and worthwhile.

 Governors at Himbleton need to know the staff and children at the school and to know everyone connected with the school's upkeep. They need to be familiar with the village community itself and to be known themselves. 

 The Role of the Governor 

Individual Governor's skills and expertise are varied and wide-ranging; their experience of the professional, business and industrial world helps greatly in broadening the world of Education not only for the staff but also for the pupils! Being a Governor of a small village, church school is very different to being the Governor of a larger establishment. It calls for a great personal commitment and knowledge and familiarity of the families and their community.

Each Governor takes a particular interest in a subject area, e.g. Key Stage 1 or science, visits the school to observe lessons and reports back to the Governing Body after detailed discussion with the member of staff involved. They also produce a written report on what has happened. This is a vital part of a Governor's work if education is to progress and improve: good understanding between teaching staff and Governing Body is essential in such a small unit.

On a lighter note, Governors are expected and encouraged to take part in the school fete, sports day, sponsored activities and meeting and greeting parents at Parents Evenings to mention but a few! Attendance at the numerous services which the children hold at St Mary Magdalene Church, Himbleton is always pleasurable and very spiritual.


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Ann Green

Chair of Governors
Chair of Governors

Carl Dudley

Mike Gee

Vice Chair of Governors
Vice Chair of Governors

Emma Telger

Sue Plummer

Tim King

Clerk to Governors
Clerk to Governors